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Rebecca Lindamood: Foodie With Family

August 18, 2008

Foodie with Family: Bread, a family staple

I waited in the van with baby Rowan while my mom ran the rest of my kids through the food line one last time at a party. One by one I watched them scoot carefully through the door and come take their seat in the vehicle. In one hand, Liam carefully carried his plate that had been piled high with chicken salad on a croissant, pickles, deviled eggs, three kinds of chips, fruit salad, cheese and crackers and a napkin. In the other hand, he carried a tall glass of iced tea. Aidan bounced to the van with a bottle of water and a plate that simply had a chicken salad on a kaiser roll, one pickle and a pile of chips. Ty sauntered with a plate that had chips, a plain roll and some marshmallows that had gone for a bath in the chocolate fountain.

Time passed and I started to wonder whether Mom needed help with Leif. The door opened a crack and Leif walked out very deliberately without taking his eyes off his plate. I saw immediately what had taken him so long.

Leif had obviously been hitting the chocolate fondue pretty hard. With eyes still firmly fixed on his plate, the contents of which I could not make out from 50 feet away, he walked as if he had a pile of books on his head. I called out and asked him what he had on his sandwich. He stopped moving, looked up at me with his chocolate covered visage and happily but quietly -- so as not to unseat his precious food from the plate -- proclaimed, "I made a moe-tay-to chip sandwich!"

He looked back at his plate and eventually made it to his seat in the van. Sure enough, that Kaiser roll had nothing but corn and potato chips on it. Mom informed me that he had lovingly and exactingly placed each chip on the bun much to the amusement of the other guests.

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