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Rebecca Lindamood: Foodie With Family

April 15, 2008

Foodie With Family: Life is never dull

Spring has officially sprung!

The peepers are out in force and singing along with the once-again babbling creek. The pussy willows are blooming and the boys are rediscovering the joy of the prized skill of tree climbing.

My young men are not content just to climb every tree in which they can gain a foothold. They stand back with arms folded and examine the trees in the yard, of which there are a multitude, and debate their chances of success with assorted limbs and branches.

While visiting my mom for a Sunday dinner a couple weeks ago, we had a glorious spring day. Their Nana promised the boys ice cream cones as dessert to cool their palates after our dinner curry and then realized that there was none in the house. Mom and I deputized my 15-year-old sister, Airlia, to go for a hike with the three eldest boys, had my husband stay in the house with the two little guys and then we headed out for the store by ourselves.

Mom and I dawdled over produce and smelled just about every hair care product in the place. I closely examined nearly every London broil on the shelf and gave mom my recipe for crockpot Mexican chicken.

It wasn't until we had spent more time than someone who is going "just to buy ice cream and cones" could decently do that I wondered how Airlia was faring with the boys on their hike. We arrived home to find we probably could have spent a little more time lingering at the bakery section.

Nice weather, in addition to fodder for family stories, gives me another gift; the gift of getting my grill going again. Grilling is an almost strictly weather-permitting activity for me. Before you fire that first food this year, remember that grill cleanliness is next to grill godliness.

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