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Rebecca Lindamood: Foodie With Family

January 3, 2008

Foodie With Family: Kindness of others spreads cheer

Is anyone else totally flabbergasted that we've already reached Christmas Eve and another year is all but gone?

I woke up this morning and realized that I have a 10-year-old, a nearly 8-year-old, a nearly 6-year-old, a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. This was exceptionally shocking because I realized it upon waking and it usually takes me at least an hour of wakefulness to remember that I am no longer 18.

This is a reflective time of year. This is when I ponder what I've accomplished and left undone. This is a time when things I'm thankful for seem especially big and things which bother me seem wondrously little.

We've been in the process of moving since July. We had a buyer lined up for the old house and needed to get the rest of our belongings to the new home and decided the most efficient way to get everything out was to rent a large truck.

Friday, the day before the move, brought the largest snowfall I remember seeing in December in years. As Dan was outdoors moving snow from our driveway, the belt snapped on the snow blower. We caught a break on Saturday with clear-as-a-bell weather and decided to go ahead and get it done. As we were about halfway through the hour-long drive to our old town, we got a flat tire. Dan pulled to the side of the road and found that — surprise! — we didn't have any of our tools with us.

While we tried to decide what to do about our quandary, we saw someone approaching our van from the only house around. He invited us to pull into his driveway and use his tools to change our tire. Not only did he offer us material assistance, but he ran back into the house and came out with candy canes for the kids. We weren't thinking clearly enough to get our Good Samaritan's name, but I think I know somewhere Santa's going to stop with a plate of cookies.

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