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Rebecca Lindamood: Foodie With Family

July 28, 2011

Foodie with Family: Veggie burgers

The recent heat wave made cooking a real joy, didn't it? There is nothing I love more than standing over a steaming pan of whatever stirring for an hour when the temperature is in the 90s or -- horrors -- higher and the humidity is near 100 percent.

I lie. Like a dog.

In reality, I served up ham sandwiches and cold salad and freeze pops most of those nights. There comes, however, a limit to how many of those meals I can serve before I feel as though I am going to turn into a ham sandwich. And eventually I grow so tired of eating freeze pops that I opt to stuff them in my armpits to stay cool.

Enter veggie burgers and fresh salsa, stage left.

The world seems to be divided into two clear camps when it comes to vegetable burgers. There's the "Woohoo! Veggie Burgers!" contingent and the "Why a veggie burger when I can have a meat burger?!?" crew.

As I am feeding a couple representatives of each of the aforementioned groups, I feel qualified to say that these not only pass muster on both sides of the fence, but are received enthusiastically. When I say enthusiastically, I mean they are hoovered at light speed.

These black bean burgers pull together faster than you can order take-out. Crispy and deep-brown on the outside, these satisfying burgers pack a serious punch in the taste department. Just slightly spicy, studded with sweet corn and topped with creamy avocado slices and hot sauce, these substantial veggie burgers are going to please even the most entrenched meat-burger-lover.

Make no mistake, these are very filling, but they're not going to make you feel weighed down. Even after a full meal of these, you'll still feel equal to a marathon session of sitting on the porch, fanning yourself and slurping tall iced teas while complaining about the heat. Or is that just me?

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