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Rebecca Lindamood: Foodie With Family

December 14, 2009

Foodie with Family: Reluctantly sentimental


Without warning, my clear-headed thinking got very swimmy. I pictured tousle-headed children that looked remarkably like my own in worn clothing exclaiming with joy when finding a can of the red, gold and white labeled soup. I fought back at my hormone- and holly-induced attack of the wishy-washies.

"You worked in advertising, fool!" I said to myself, "You know that they'll be thrilled for the soup no matter which kind you put in." I took a couple deep breaths and asked Liam how many cans of soup he thought we should buy. He chose the only number he reliably knew -- 20. I reached for the store-brand soup cans and continued on through the store.

And to this day I don't whether the Christmas spirit was playing tricks on me or whether my heart overpowered my brain that day, but I do know this: the generic brand cans that I had loaded in my cart were red, gold and white when I got to the register. And I may not be sentimental, but I can take a Christmas hint. I bought the soup. And the best present of that entire season was the excitement on my little boy's face as he tossed the red, gold and white cans in one at a time.

I pray that you will all experience memorable joy throughout this holiday season. I hope loved ones and comfort and good food surround you. I do believe this one is a cinch, but I also pray that the snow will fall abundantly on Christmas. And I thank you for another year of reading Foodie With Family and playing around in the kitchen with me.

The position of honor held by the red, gold and white soup has since been transferred to the boys' current favorite. Refried Bean Tacos serve as lunch many days here, but are significantly more difficult to stick into food pantry barrels. While this is indeed the season for fancy finger foods and slow-cooked roasts, you need to have a couple last-minute, stick-to-your-ribs numbers handy for busy days, too. This fits the bill admirably and comes together in mere moments.

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