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Rebecca Lindamood: Foodie With Family

May 5, 2011

Foodie with Family: Rain isn't so bad

The rains have been pouring down -- it seems -- without ceasing since spring officially sprang. Plans, field days, playground time, garden preparation, planting and other long-anticipated things have been canceled due to weather. We've spent a good deal of time crabby, cranky, out-of-sorts and fidgety. The poor walls of our home have been bounced off of by the boys and climbed by my husband and me.

Early this morning the boys and I decided we'd had enough. Since shaking fists at the sky had not worked for us up to this point, we opted to have some fun with it. We created a game called "Things You Can Do In The Rain." There is only one rule and it's a simple one. Think of things that you can do in the rain that are otherwise difficult or impossible. Here are some of the highlights from our round.

• Eco-friendly laundry: Just rub your dry clothes with soap, hang on the line and wait for the next sunny day to pull it in for folding.

• Full immersion baptism for people with back problems: Just walk outside.

• Hyper-efficient bathing for children and/or pets. (See full immersion baptism or eco-friendly laundry technique.)

• Cry surreptitiously.

• Build a kayak and take it white-water rafting, all in our own backyard.

• Do a method acting study on how to think like a beaver.

• Practice holding your breath underwater. In the back field.

• Learn the backstroke. In the front yard.

• Practice log rolling for the local lumberjack games. In the side woods.

• Play in the mud and get washed off at the same time.

We laughed until our sides ached and worked up a real appetite. It was then that we realized the thing we really could do in the rain was excuse our omnipresent desire to cook and eat and sit and read. And then we truly made peace with the rain.

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