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Rebecca Lindamood: Foodie With Family

May 29, 2014

Foodie with Family: Grilled goodies kick off summer

Who is grilling this weekend? I think I heard the whooshing of hundreds of hands flying up into the air simultaneously from here. There’s something about that first major unofficial summer celebration, isn’t there?

Whether the weather cooperates, we all take our mighty stand that we will enjoy ourselves without parkas and mukluks starting Memorial Day weekend.

There are actual green leaves on the trees instead of some tenacious stragglers from last fall. The grass is growing so fast we can hear it if we listen carefully. The kids no longer have cabin fever because they’re spending every possible non-school hour scurrying around the yard climbing trees, wrestling with dogs, making mud pies with the abundantly available mud, fishing at the lake, throwing Frisbees, welcoming the returning hummingbirds, building forts, picking dandelion bouquets, and generally plotting fun.

My husband and I are enjoying the final retreat of the polar vortex by strategizing about the garden, going for long walks, and admiring the reemergence of our mudroom floor from under a mountain of kid-sized winter gear.

This is party time, friends: however you define it. It’ll mean sitting on the porch, drinking tea or cold beer, depending on the time of day, playing music as a family, and eating copious amounts of grilled goodies and desserts. We have some serious traditions in our home for summer weekends. There must be grilled burgers, dip, chips, vegetable sticks, sun tea, ice cold beer, and some sort of cake. Everything else is negotiable except for the memories.

There is a dip that beats all other dips in popularity at our home. Dill Pickle Dip is the stuff of which parties are made. It’s creamy, vibrant, tangy, and chock full of chopped dill pickles and sweet onions. It’s a multi-tasker, too.

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