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August 7, 2012

Editorial: Be heard when it counts

For a large majority of northern Michigan voters, today is the day that will decide who runs local government for the next few years.

That's because the area is so dominated by Republicans at the local level that the primary election, an inter-party contest to decide who makes it to the November general election ballot, decides many races. Democratic candidates are few and far between in most northern Michigan communities, and many Democrats at the local level don't have the money, experience or name recognition to mount a full-fledged campaign in November.

So if you want to have a say, get to the polls today.

That doesn't mean voters can take Nov. 6 off, however. There will be a number of local ballot issues, and a laundry list of state ballot issues to be decided — the most in 30 years, the experts say.

So take the time to exercise your right to vote. Those who don't have only themselves to wag their fingers at if local politicians let them down.

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