Traverse City Record-Eagle

September 12, 2012

Another View: Romney can lead U.S. to prosperity

By the The Eagle-Tribune, North Andover, Mass.

---- — Rarely has it been so clear that change is needed in the White House to get the country moving again. President Obama has not been up to the challenge of leading the nation out of recession. America needs Mitt Romney and we are pleased to offer him our endorsement.

Why endorse so early? After the conventions and months of campaigning, the choice is clear. The country cannot endure four more years of stagnation and runaway government spending. We need to make a change in Washington.

To be sure, President Obama was dealt a difficult hand in 2008. But he has not played that hand well. After nearly four years of his presidency, the country is still struggling with an anemic recovery to the deepest recession since the Great Depression.

Friday's jobless report underscored the problem. Employers added 96,000 jobs in August but 368,000 people left the labor force. The unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent from 8.3 percent in July, but only because so many people gave up looking for work.

Obama has struggled to get the economy moving since the start of his presidency. His economic stimulus was a colossal, trillion-dollar failure. It was sold as a new version of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration and National Recovery Act public works projects ...

In his speech at the Democratic National Convention ... Obama said little to suggest the nation is in competent hands. His address was an appeal to emotion over reason. Republicans are a bunch of meanies who want to close schools and throw the poor into the streets so they can give tax cuts to the rich.

It's just a rehash of the same old, tired cliches ...

Mitt Romney offers the nation a return to sanity, stability, competence and confidence that we can, in time, set things right again.

Romney has successfully run private businesses, nonprofit organizations and a state government. His Bain Capital firm financed such job-producing enterprises as Staples and the Sports Authority. His management expertise turned around the struggling Salt Lake City Olympic Games and his leadership in Massachusetts, with an unfriendly Democratic Legislature, eliminated a $1.5 billion budget deficit.

Romney understands that to get America moving again, we need to unleash the growth potential of business. Romney wants to cut corporate interest rates, now among the highest in the industrial world, to provide the stability and predictability needed to encourage corporate expansion and job growth. Romney seeks regulatory reforms that will remove undue burdens of compliance on businesses while still protecting consumers. And he wants to repeal Obamacare, with its $500 billion in tax increases, and replace it with needed health care reforms.

Romney wants America to utilize its vast energy resources and those of our neighbors and allies to achieve energy independence from volatile regions and unreliable suppliers, resulting in price stability and a boost to our economy.

Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, understand that "Medicare as we know it" cannot survive far into the future. Romney and Ryan want reforms that will keep our promises to those in or near retirement while rebuilding a sustainable Medicare plan for the future ... Our country has mortgaged the future of our grandchildren so we can enjoy the good life. That's obscene and it has to stop. Mitt Romney understands this. He will restore economic growth and put our nation back on the path to prosperity and fiscal responsibility.

Our nation's choice in a presidential election has never been more clear.

The Eagle-Tribune North Andover, Mass.