Traverse City Record-Eagle

December 19, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 12/19/2012


---- — Money being wasted

The trip to China by Traverse City Area Public Schools administrators was a boondoggle of the highest sort. To add to the waste of taxpayers money they hired some buddies to sit in their chairs while they were gone. The Record-Eagle said $3,800 was paid to the subs. The participants were gone eight days and the chair-sitters were paid for 56 hours of work. I doubt that they worked the two-day weekend.

So how did they work 56 hours? Principal Tibaldi stated "When you've got a question about your son's grade or something you don't want to wait around for an answer. Doesn't the Traverse school system have vice principals in every middle and senior high school? That's the best you got Mr. Tibaldi? There would be nobody in that high school to answer a simple question like that?

I doubt that any high school principal even hears that sort of question, let alone answers them. I hope that the people who will push for the next big bond issue for schools will be ready for a rejection from voters who will remember how their money is being wasted.

Jack Sheets

Traverse City

Fully endorse decision

Regarding the Veterans Day concert at First Congregational Church, as a Christian, First Congregational member and veteran, I attended the concert and commend all who participated. Prior to the concert there were pictures of veterans, both living and dead, including my own, displayed on a video screen in front of the sanctuary. Many attendees may have thought the veteran's pictures displayed were an endorsement of the concert. I, for one, was not asked, nor do I endorse the inclusion of the Islamic Call to Prayer, or the concert itself. I do, however, fully endorse the decision by Pastor David Walls and church council member Doug Bishop.

While I respect the opinions of others, we now live in a politically correct world. I suppose a Christian prayer, Islamic prayer, Hindu prayer, Jewish prayer and a Buddhist prayer all could have been included; still others would have been offended. Then there would be no time for the concert. I'm sorry the young Muslim student and her family were offended. If the concert had included a Christian prayer and been scheduled for her place of worship, would the concert have even been presented at all?

Doug Shaffer

Traverse City