Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 2, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 10/02/2012


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Stand with Obama

November's choice is clear: stand with Obama, Stabenow and McDowell, and continue with the recovery, or return to the failed policies of the Bush Administration, repeating the recession. We can pay down our national debt with shared sacrifice with Obama or place the debt on the middle class with Romney and Ryan. Obama will bring our combat troops home, or you can join the GOP war "hawks." You'll choose to provide a government for all with Obama, Stabenow and McDowell or favor the wealthy, corporations and forget over 40 percent of Americans with Romney.

Ronald D. Dykstra


Build a civic auditorum Reading about hopes for a Center for Performing Arts at Traverse City Central High School, I can't help but notice that the 1,200 seats hoped for are still far less than the 1,500 needed just for the students. Supporters talk about Traverse Symphony Orchestra and other community and school groups needing a larger, more modern, auditorium to hold their audiences. I suggest the county and city get together to build a civic auditorium for all school and civic groups to use and let the schools focus on rebuilding the schools and programs they have had to cut in the past.

Bruce Mikula


Temperament for the job Why it matters who is elected probate judge: Many peoples lives are touched by the Grand Traverse County Probate Court — often, involving life's most troubling situations. We need a judge with experience, who upholds the law with understanding and compassion. Kirsten Keilitz has the experience and temperament for this job. She serves as Domestic Relations and Juvenile/Family Referee; practiced family law for 15 years, and has extensive courtroom experience. No drama — professional, decisive and balanced, she's the right person to be elected as probate judge. I unequivocally recommend Kirsten for the job. Vote for her Nov. 6.

Mardi L. Black

Suttons Bay