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October 23, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 10/23/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Who will stop them?

I want to thank the Record-Eagle for exposing the right-wing views of Doug Patton, a truly nasty columnist who is, we note with irony, distributed by the Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate. What he says, however, is not funny.

Patton described President Obama as a “Chicago thug in a $1,000 suit,” “born in a petri dish” who is “not one of us.” Patton’s remarks laid bare the poisonous racism and deep hatred that drives the radical right of the Republican Party. Democrats, Independents, and moderate Republicans should take note.

Patton shares the same mentality as Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann and their fellow tea partiers who are willing to destroy the economy to destroy the president. And they will if rational and decent citizens in all political parties sit by and let them do it.

Call or email your Congressman and demand sane government. Right now we are experiencing a slow-motion coup motivated by hatred of those different from “us.” If we don’t stop them, who will?

Deborah Gilbert


Approach is refreshing

I endorse Gary Howe for City Commission; here’s why:

Gary has demonstrated that he’s committed to an ethical approach regarding land use, public space, and pedestrian and cycling rights.

Gary’s views on local government and its respective role in local economics are centered on innovative and sustainable management of our impressive local-talent base.

Howe’s approach to community development and engagement is refreshing in today’s political climate. He’s done more than many to inform and encourage political participation and isn’t even a commissioner yet.

I believe Gary’s voice can only strengthen our Commission.

Patrick Daly

Traverse City

He gets it

I’m a grumpy baby boomer generally disheartened by a world I see spiraling toward joylessness, fear, and environmental disaster. That’s why I support Gary Howe. He’s a citizen of the world, a community advocate, and my colleague at Northwestern Michigan College. When he stops by my office I’m reminded that the better world I hope for starts right here in Traverse City. It starts with thoughtful decisions we make about how we get around, recreate, interact with one another, and treat the environment. He gets it.

Gary Howe would be a great city commissioner.

Regis McCord


Smart, proactive

As a member of Traverse City’s Planning Commission and a volunteer for the Grand Traverse Ski Club and Traverse City Area Public Schools, Tim Werner has the experience necessary to be a great City Commissioner. Tim has been instrumental in collaborative efforts to develop a sustainable solution for Hickory Hills. His efforts have been invaluable in promoting sound economic approaches for Hickory’s future.

Tim is smart, forward-looking and collaborative. He is proactive and business-like. He will provide sensitive leadership on the many issues that face our growing community. Please vote for Tim Werner for City Commission.

Laura Ness

Traverse City

Makes good decisions

I’m writing to support Tim Werner for City Commission. I’ve known Tim since college. He was trained as a scientist and is one of the smartest people I have ever met. Tim will serve with integrity, will make good decisions based on facts, and will treat all our residents with respect.

Tim and his wife Petra made sacrifices to raise their family here, and making TC a good place for families will always be his top priority. Please vote for Tim Werner on Election Day.

Chris Bzdok

Traverse City

Does what he believes

Why re-elect Mayor Estes?

1. He ran on improving city finances. He has done that.

2. In these polarized political times, the Mayor mostly accomplishes a strong consensus on each City Commission vote.

3. Mayor Estes does what he believes is right, is interested in all population segments, rich or poor, in the neighborhoods.

Jim Rowlett

Traverse City

Partnership missed

Ten years ago this summer, Bronwyn Jones started purchasing food from our Leelanau County Sweeter Song Farm and giving that fresh, healthful food to the women’s Resource Center. Bronwyn’s idea evolved into the mission for the Fresh Food Partnership: buy locally grown fresh food at a fair market price and distribute that food to our neighbors in need. Food pantries and meals programs in our five-county area received this food through the on-farm pickup and delivery work of many dedicated volunteers.

The Partnership recently announced it will be ending its services this month. Since its inception, the Fresh Food Partnership distributed over 450,000 pounds of food and supported small farmers in our area to the tune of $300,000, keeping donors’ money working in our local economy. Other organizations have since formed to help feed those in need, but the partnership will be missed for its support of local, small farms, and the delivery of high quality, fresh, nutritious food.

A great deal of thanks needs to go to Bronwyn, Joe VanderMeulen, The Land Information Access Association, present and past Partnership coordinators, the farmers and volunteers who made this amazing program such a worthwhile endeavor.

Judy Reinhardtand Jim Schwantes


Sweeter Song Farm

A thoughtful leader

Tim Werner brings the thoughtfulness and leadership needed to move Traverse City forward. Tim believes in investing in infrastructure, living within our means and taking a broad long-term view on issues. Over the last 10 years, I have watched Tim positively impact our community as a volunteer, parent, small-business owner and Planning Commissioner. Learn more about Tim at Vote Tim Werner on Nov. 5.

Michael Coco

Traverse City