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June 6, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 06/06/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Children are watching

I’m writing this letter because my children and I witnessed a disturbing scene on a Friday afternoon, the beginning of Memorial Day weekend. While sitting at a stop light on the corner of 14th and Division streets, we saw a family of ducks, a mother with about 10 babies, attempting to cross Division Street. Several vehicles slowed to let the procession pass but a late-model white SUV slowed for about five seconds and then decided just to run through the duck family, killing two babies and confusing the rest. Many other motorists waited patiently (maybe 10 to 15 more seconds?) for mama duck to gather her remaining babies and reach safety.

Meanwhile, I was left to explain to my two children why the SUV driver would plow through and kill innocent creatures like that only to save a few seconds. Where were they going and why didn’t they stop? I still don’t know what to say; I’m just sorry we all had to witness it.

Please drive safely and take care. And please remember, children are watching.

Rosie Vreeland-Flickinger

Traverse City

The same Ed Rice?

The other night a woman stopped by my house and left a flier to vote for Ed Rice for a position on the Board of Directors at Cherryland Electric Cooperative. Within this flier Ed Rice stated he had 40 years experience in the utility business, but he failed to state doing what and for which company or companies.

I can only wonder if this is the same Ed Rice who was the director of Traverse City Light & Power.

n Could he be the same Ed Rice who promoted the failed biomass plant?

n Could he be the same Ed Rice who ignored the overwhelming concerns of the people and taxpayers at public meetings regarding biomass?

n Could he be the same Ed Rice who was the Director of Traverse City Light and Power and no longer is?

Until I know who this Ed Rice is, I’m not voting for Ed Rice to be on the Board of Directors for my power company — Cherryland Electric Cooperative.

Larry Domine

Traverse City