Traverse City Record-Eagle

February 7, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 02/07/2013


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A positive asset

I recently stood for jury duty in Judge Michael Stepka's District Court. I was very much impressed with the respectful, informative and no-nonsense manner with which he interacted with all involved in the process. He is clearly a positive asset to the legal system and our community.

Jeremy J. Conaway

Traverse City

Is this really justice?

Due to an emotional cuss word after sentencing of my daughter in 86th District Court, mom and I were fined $250, paid within two days or serve three days in jail.

Mom is 80 years old, lives on Social Security, is disabled, on medication, has an implanted medical device and is diabetic. We received no reprimand after apologizing, just contempt. We're told jail personnel dispenses meds "as they see fit" so who's responsible for mom's medical care if incarcerated?

Is this really justice or another tax break for the money the jail receives per inmate from the state?

Linda Oaks


Get together for fun

Our United States is in financial difficulty, both nationally and personally, except for that top 1 percent. It doesn't look as if that condition will change very swiftly. A financial depression is psychologically depressing. But we are not a depressed-people nation. We're very resourceful and creative. So let's get together for fun. Our ancestors had barn raisings, quilting parties, debating societies, pot lucks and song fests ... "hootnannies," we called them in the '50s.

Let's not have World War III in order to pull out of our financial and psychological depressions as we did with World War II. Invent fun get-togethers. Cheerio!

Marian Gyr