Traverse City Record-Eagle

February 5, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 02/05/2013


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Cartoon was offensive

The state of Michigan ranks No. 3 nationally in licensed hunters.

Many of these sportsmen and women live in or visit northern Michigan and participate in this sport.

More than 750,000 licensed hunters contribute $1.5 billion to Michigan's economy annually.

I find the cartoon on the opinion page of the Jan. 20 Record-Eagle offensive.

Gun ownership is a Second Amendment right.

Thank goodness there is an organization out there fighting for this freedom, which the founding fathers of this great nation saw fit to establish.

Ed Hungness

Fife Lake

Not just a concert

The Traverse City area is fortunate to have the Traverse Symphony Orchestra, fortunate to know it and to support it.

On a snowy Sunday afternoon an audience almost filled Corson Auditorium to hear the orchestra play Fireworks! music.

Conductor Kevin Rhodes succeeded in warming our hearts, fingers and toes with familiar music we love.

As often happens with the TSO, it wasn't just a concert — it was an event and will surely be remembered.

Ronnie Alff

Traverse City

Rand not far off

Michigan is now one of only 10 states that still believes it necessary to have a full-time legislature in Lansing.

Our most conservative officials think they need to be full time to get the "job done," all while our private sector shrinks, hires part-time workers and struggles to stay open.

Unfortunately, our children and grandchildren will be forced to pay the burden for this selfishness.

Shame on our current "leadership" and this new definition of public service.

Ayn Rand was not that far off after all.

Derek McCombs


Can't have it both ways

In response to Mr. David Thompson's Jan. 26 letter, "Re-read Constitution," I am a Democrat who does not support abortion, except in the case of the mothers' health.

I do know because of this, my taxes will be higher. Babies are just as important after they are born. They need health care, food and an education.

Conservatives seem to oppose abortion, but as soon as that baby is born it's on its own. You can't have it both ways.

As for insinuating the Record-Eagle leans to the left, he must not read the paper often.

Perhaps he should see his dermatologist about his thin skin.

Ruth Kopczyk