Traverse City Record-Eagle

February 4, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 02/04/2013

What was missed

In his Forum of Jan. 22, the Rev. Daniel LeCouteur rejects Judge James McCormick's statement that Christians, Jews and Muslims worship the same God because A) Muslims are mean and intolerant to Christians in other parts of the world (but surely many Christians here are also suspicious and intolerant of Muslims); B) sharia law wouldn't legislate equal rights for all (but "Christian" America didn't begin with equal rights extended to all, and for some minorities the struggle continues).

LeCouteur goes on to say that even if the objects of worship are the same, each group should be free to worship in its own way. I agree. But what was missed when the Call to Worship was deleted from the one-time performance of The Armed Man at First Congregational Church was an opportunity for cross-fertilization of the spiritual growth of all who attended, by one of the most moving elements from a religious tradition that is foreign to most of us. Allowing it would have required no effort and the resulting performance would have been even more moving. Actively denying its performance has put the FCC, however deservedly, in the position of being the "poster child" for intolerance in this community.

Michael Collins

Traverse City

Run back to Ann Arbor

"Total (Michigan) employment declined by 11,000 in December; however, the number of unemployed was little changed, edging upward by 1,000. The net impact was a 10,000 (worker) reduction in the state's labor force over the month. The Michigan jobless rate in December 2012 was four-tenths of a point below the state's December 2011 rate of 9.3 percent. The national jobless rate decreased by seven-tenths of a point ..." So much for Gov. Rick Snyder's first two years of unfettered growth and prosperity.

"I'm not fully up to speed, but I'm still learning on the job," (But?) Snyder said. "I think I communicate much better." (There was beefed-up security at his State of the State speech.) And he's talking about increasing the state police force even more as he continues to vilify, disenfranchise and shrink the rest of the state's public employees and school teachers, except, of course, for his two new $100,000-a-year right-to-work executives and their staff. (Wonder what their benefits look like.) And don't forget the changes coming up in your state income tax or the $1.2 billion he's looking to raise in transportation taxes.

Yes, Snyder should run ... right back home to Ann Arbor.

Bill Brown

Traverse City