Traverse City Record-Eagle

January 1, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 01/01/2013


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Ducks over children?

At one time "market hunters" hunted flocks of ducks with blunderbusses that killed hundreds of ducks with one shot.

Today, as a waterfowl hunter, the law says my shotgun must be "plugged" so that I never have more than three shells in the chamber.

In a discussion related to this fact my wife commented, "Does that mean we have made a decision as a country that protecting ducks is more important than protecting children?"

Bob Garvey


Expressing faith, beliefs

I am concerned that the Record-Eagle felt compelled to report Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools' choice to keep their Christmas concert free from anything other than Christian or Christmas songs.

This action seems to be an attempt to stir the pot and sensationalize a very simple matter.

Most parents who send their kids to a GTACS school are Catholic ... or if they are not Catholic, they understand their children will be immersed in a Catholic Christian environment, there will be a prayer said before every sporting event, and programs such as Advent pageants and Christmas programs will be centered around our faith and beliefs in Christ and Christianity.

I believe GTACS is being vilified as some closed-minded group.

This event was not a religious education or cultural holiday program ... it was an event created to express our faith, our beliefs, and our joy at this season.

If there were a Jewish school in the area, I would not expect "Silent Night" in their music program.

I would consider it inappropriate for a Chanukah program to be expected to celebrate any other way than what their Jewish faith dictates; it seems ridiculous GTACS should not expect this same courtesy.

Rachel Bunner

Traverse City

Books, not guns

The National Rifle Association and its members must be in a total adrenalin rush with the murdering of 26 children and teachers along with the mother of the shooter by not condemning the incident as any responsible organization would have.

By them not saying anything is an admission of their guilt by association.

Their proponents' excuse is that the teachers should have had guns in the classroom to shoot back with and in this way not as many would have been killed and if people knew there were guns in the classroom this could have been avoided.

Can any reasonable person see this response as insane?

Teachers are educators arming their students with books for learning and socializing in a positive way, not paranoid extremists teaching children hatred for society and arming yourself with guns and bullets and conjuring up excuses of their Second Amendment rights.

Guns are a right and we should protect that right, but assault weapons and multiple clips of rounds are for the purpose of killing people, not for hunting purposes to put food on the table or protecting yourself and family in your home from unwanted intruders.

Books, not guns belong in the classrooms.

George Edmonds

Traverse City