Traverse City Record-Eagle

December 14, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 12/14/2012


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Each is valuable

There is a lot of news lately dealing with the problem of homeless people. Perhaps we should talk about this, because it is not going away any time soon in this economy. Interestingly, many people who are not homeless themselves are less then six paychecks away from this happening to them.

Most of us have never actually talked to a homeless person. Our perceptions are based almost exclusively upon hearsay and distant observation. We see the homeless as consuming America's resources without giving anything back.

Yes, there are some homeless people who are abusing the welfare system, and struggle with addictions and anti-social behavior. However, a lot of homeless people are good persons living within an unfortunate set of circumstances.

Thank God for the many faith-based programs serving the homeless with meals, clothing and love. Such actions restore dignity and self respect. They also fill tummies, and allow a stage for normal behavior.

Consider volunteering to serve a meal or get involved with the Safe Harbor program that provides overnight housing to the homeless during the winter at some of the local churches. Be careful about putting labels on people and regard each person you meet as valuable.

William E. Scott

Traverse City