Traverse City Record-Eagle

November 29, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 11/29/2012


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Hike taxes on wealthiest

Republican moderates need to urge Congressman Dave Camp of Michigan's 4th District to get serious about negotiations over the "fiscal cliff" and raising tax rates of the wealthiest citizens.

We had a thriving economy when the highest tax rates were 39.5 percent, under President Clinton.

Somehow, the "job creators" created thousands of jobs back then despite those tax rates.

The truth is that job creators will hire more workers when demand for their products goes up and not before.

That won't happen until we start to pay down the national debt.

Starting out with raising tax rates on the wealthiest is a reasonable first step.

However, it will be politically hard, so give Rep. Camp (who is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee) support to do the right thing.

Deborah Gilbert


Respect, don't complain

I say kudos to the pastors that stopped the Islamic prayer calls.

I am not against any groups, but we have been beaten down in this country by removal of Ten Commandments, prayer in schools, nativity scenes, etc.

Seems it doesn't work when it is the other way around.

It is their church decision and no matter what religion you are, you should respect it without complaint or retaliations.

Curt Cherry

Traverse City