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August 3, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 08/03/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Only our children count

Now that Traverse City Area Public Schools spent money for a consultant to teach the language of schmooze to lull the voters and lowered the last amount of money asked (which was the bare minimum needed) for the projects the schools wants to do, we are now suppose to believe the district.

First, sell all property owned by TCAPS that is no longer being used as the intended purposes, elementary schools that are vacant and not be being used as elementary schools.

Second, on the ballot put each project as a separate vote.

Third, privatize any and every department on a five-year bid process.

Fourth, put all teachers as individual contractors and let them be liable for all their own taxes and union dues. The benefit to this is less bookkeeping, less support staff needed. (This way a teacher that does not measure up to the standards we want for our schools can be let go at any time.)

One of my grandsons was in school; he was taught that Johnson sent us to Vietnam; that was a bold-face attempt to rewrite history. I know the union will not like this, but the unions do not count, only our children count.

William Deniston



Are they to be shot?

It appears that the state Department of Natural Resources needs to support aggressive education, i.e., teach the public that they should step aside when they encounter wildlife. The DNR hides behind questionable “science.” All swans become aggressive when they protect their domain. Perhaps the only invasive species is the human species.

Please have the DNR supply data that indicates that there have been human deaths caused by mute or other swans protecting their nests. Good grief. Wild geese will do more than posture. Are they also to be shot?

Eileen L. Kippen

Traverse City


Two little wishes

I have two wishes (for starters).

One is that the Clark gas station at Division and Randolph would disappear.

The other is that the little green “oasis” at the southwest corner of State and Cass would remain.

Marge Eckert

Traverse City