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July 12, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 07/12/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Reminder needed?

Motorists who drive cars, trucks and SUVs need to gas up. What if they were confronted with a reminder of Kelly Ann Boyce’s fate as they tried to pump gas? Would it not be a reminder that life does ‘not go on as usual’ for people who knew and cared about her as a person and as a bicyclist?

Perhaps the driver would be ABLE to come forward. We are each equipped with a conscience, after all.

Mary Hagan


No simple remedies

Your coverage of Traverse City’s Septage Treatment Facility is appreciated by members of the community who are trying to understand this ongoing problem. We understand the frustration generated by the apparent incapability of those responsible to devise a plan to finance the plant without adversely affecting members of the community.

Obviously, this problem is without simple remedy. While we would like to lay blame, and cost, on those that we perceive as responsible, citizens must be aware that most of the officials who originally conceived the septage treatment facility no longer serve in a public capacity. At this point we, as residents, would be best advised to move on and focus on the plant’s benefit to both the environment and to the longevity of our septic systems.

If the county witnesses renewed growth, and citizens continue to maintain their systems at appropriate intervals, the plant’s operating costs may align themselves with its revenues, as intended, and the plant should regain financial viability.

We recommend that readers utilize the numerous resources on septic maintenance (including the informational pamphlet we have created and distributed on public bulletins) to educate themselves for the good of all in the community.

Abrielle Cacciaglia

Traverse City

Ayriel Pettit

Traverse City