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May 5, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 05/05/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

— Laugh out loud analysis


I got such a kick out of Mr. Jenkins’ April 23 letter to the editor. He wrote such a creative and humorous piece concerning ways to deal with and suffer through, potholes. It was a creative and ‘laugh out loud’ analysis of our “pain in the chassis” potholes.

How wonderful to read such a novel piece, on a page where you expect nothing but angst and anger!

Shirley Wall

Suttons Bay


Imposing own fears


As a resident of Leelanau County I was appalled to read about how once again our local leadership is being influenced by verbal voodoo. If this decision tipping element is indeed true, we are witnessing the amplification affects of misinformation in an “Information Age.” While increasingly hard to keep a level head on social issues, I would at least expect an official to make the attempt at verifying information used in forming opinions that become part of their governance decisions. Aren’t they now imposing their own fears upon us?

If this derived even partly from a Glen Beck book be aware: his expertise is not in world policy but in promoting (rather successfully) his inflamed opinions. There is money in promoting opinion as fact, words do have meaning.

I see stories and e-mails of social conspiracy constantly from the internet, TV and friends that don’t always check out factually. It is tiresome at times to use your brain and time to check facts before blindly becoming a chicken little. Yet when in a position of making decisions for others, it is paramount to be able to defend your convictions, not with smoke, but substance.

Tom Walters


Oppose these ideas


I was inclined to treat the Agenda 21 controversy as just one more idiotic Glenn Beck manipulation of the uninformed. But I’ve looked at the U.N. Charter and now believe it is much worse than even Beck imagines.

Using his impeccable logic that the use of common “buzz words” (however innocent sounding) is evidence of a conspiracy, I’ve learned the One World Government conspiracy has penetrated all facets of society, including the National Rifle Association, the Right to Life movement, the Republican Party and, astoundingly, the Christian church. You will agree, when you think about how the following phrases, found in the U.N. Charter, are repeatedly used by those and other American institutions:

“Faith in fundamental human rights.” “Dignity and worth of the human person.” “Live together in peace with one another.” “Inherent right of individual and collective self defense.” “Higher standards of living, full employment.” “Removal of threats to peace.” “Suppression of aggression.”

The Charter provision that nothing in it authorizes the U.N. to intervene in domestic matters is obviously designed to fool us into ignoring these commonalities. So do your part. Organize to oppose these terrible ideas and the institutions that hold them.

Robert Gilbert

Lake Leelanau