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September 1, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 09/01/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Show some respect

From my porch I can see two intersections and the TART Trail. Over a period of two days I kept track of cyclists who respect the laws and those who don’t. At random intervals I would spend five, 10 or 15 minutes tallying my observations during daylight hours. The yield was a sampling of over 200 cyclists. The results were nearly identical for each day. Ninety-four percent of cyclists broke at least one law and many broke several. A pathetic 6 percent respected the laws, while in view. Of the 6 percent about half may not have really been stopping for the stop sign but to read a map, do a repair or look at a baby. Of the 196 law-breakers about a half-dozen were actually skateboarders.

Don’t believe my findings? I invite you to come sit a spell and we’ll count them together.

Many cyclists ride as if they have full pedestrian status and unrestricted right of way. Perhaps motorists would be more likely to be courteous to cyclists if cyclists would show some respect for the laws and motorists.

Tom Akalis

Traverse City

Get the world involved

Why is it the media only reports what is said in Washington and does not question anything?

With the chemical weapons being used in Syria, why is it that the United Nations isn’t taking the lead in this problem and everyone is looking to this country and Obama to once again intervene in the doings of another nation? I for one am tired of seeing our military used as police around the world. All this does is put more burdens and hardship on this country and our people.

I say it is time to get the rest of the world involved in peacekeeping and share the responsibility.

Jim Williams

Harper Woods

The writer is a former Kalkaska resident