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April 21, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 04/21/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Pare down defense


Thirty-seven percent of our national budget is military spending. We would have no budget deficit problem without the Iraq war — trillions blown away there by the way. We would have very managable problems providing health care nationally then — which would be a huge cost saving investment for our nation.

So since we’ve just all paid our taxes (or filed for an extension), isn’t it time to ask our elected officials to vote for peace by paring our Defense Department down to where it is really just for defense?

Josh Swenson



No democracy here


Union crushing, tax increases on the poor and elderly, foot dragging on health care, denial of women’s rights, environmental degradation. This is the legacy of the current crop of Republicans in Lansing. The Michigan Capitol Building should have a sign with the inscription, “Michigan Capitol Building, LLC ( Lunatics, Liars & Cheats, of course.)

No real democracy here — no attending to the realities of governance - just ramrodding an agenda through a “no opposition” House and Senate, (thanks to their gerrymandering.) For a party which constantly harps on the evils of big government, the Republicans in this state have revealed their hypocrisy by turning a blind eye to the will of the people. How could any intelligent person align themselves with such demagoguery?

Choose fairness and equality — support Democrats.

Patricia L McCord