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November 11, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 11/11/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

— Do me a favor

I hear and read a lot of complaining about Congress but I have something to tell you: there is exactly nothing you and I can do to fix Congress. We do, however, have a Mr. Benishek, who was elected to represent us in Congress, who can’t seem to find any useful ways to spend his time. That, we can fix.

Just imagine having a representative who worked all the time for the betterment of his or her constituents. Imagine, for instance, this person saying, “Whether or not I like Obamacare, it is the law of the land and I will use my position to help every single person in my district to get the best health care possible.”

Instead, of course, Mr. Benishek and his cronies throw a tantrum, make a circus of Congress, shut down the government and accomplish nothing except to cost the country billions.

Well, it’s a free country and bellyache all you want about Congress, but a year from now if you haven’t done everything you can do to replace Benishek with an effective representative (Democrat or Republican) then do me a favor and bellyache out of range of my hearing.

Tim Joseph



Sensible gun control

I am dismayed at the unthinking attitude of Congressman Dan Benishek regarding “the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.” He excludes important rationale contained in this amendment as it defines the use of arms in the context of maintaining a well regulated militia.

We need leaders who will closely examine the laws required for each of us to live without fear of undue risk from irrational behavior of other citizens. Management of the right to own and bear arms certainly is an area which requires sensible, sensitive leaders to continually re-examine the regulation of potentially dangerous equipment including guns and other firearms.

I have been able to live with the requirement to register to marry, own a car, a boat, to vote and many other areas of life required to live civilly along with others. I do not object to the possibility of having to register the firearms that are in my possession.

I hope that he will reconsider his carte blanche endorsement of unfettered gun ownership and provide leadership to maintain a peaceful and safe environment for all Americans.

James A. McKimmy

Rapid City


Chicago-type politics

It is unusual for the Record-Eagle to print articles such as the one written by Doug Patton that appeared Oct. 8. His piece rightly recognized the abuse by the Obama administration in closing various war memorials thereby keeping service members from sharing their past. These actions have now been extended to national parks, various other service organizations, and “select” government agencies in the name of the government shutdown. This is Chicago-type politics, thuggery, punitive, discriminatory, cheap, and downright un-American.

Whenever this president does not get his way, these type of resulting actions are metered out upon the American people. How distasteful can it get? Obama’s lack of maturity and hyper sensitivity to criticism makes him a child among past presidents and world leaders. Does he not see this for himself, or is he so wrapped up in undertaking vindictive actions? Certainly his advisors must know this, but they are probably afraid to speak.

As Americans we certainly deserve better. A president should be a leader, a uniter, and a person capable of inspiring the people of this country to excellence. Unfortunately, at his time, we have none of these characteristics in our president.

Dave Baldwin

Glen Arbor