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October 4, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 10/04/2012

A chance for change

Are you tired of money in politics and corporations benefiting from the actions of our legislators?

Betsy Coffia is your choice for our next representative of Grand Traverse County in the 104th district.

Betsy will represent you. She is accepting only individual contributions of $250 or less, no PAC money, no out-of-state money and no group endorsements.

Betsy has a saying, "If we want change, we must be the change." We have an opportunity to change politics as usual in Michigan.

This is our chance; vote for Betsy Coffia, state representative, on Nov. 6.

Cindy Brief Tomlinson


No blank check

The Traverse City Commission wants us to vote a blank check Nov. 6 for the use by Michigan Department of Transportation of 30 feet of parkland on Division Street from Eighth to 14th.

This approval would be for 10 years, to city commissions yet to be elected.

It would invite additional pavement for roundabouts and/or an additional lane for turning.

In the 1990s city residents crushed similar proposals for Front Street from Garfield to Grandview Parkway, saying "no more asphalt."

Until we have a conceptual plan to vote upon, please vote "no."

No plan, no blank check for 10 years.

Jim Tompkins

Traverse City

The writer is a former Traverse City Clerk, commissioner and three-time mayor

Vote carefully Nov. 6

Vote carefully. If we are not selective when we vote Nov. 6, women throughout the United States will lose control of their reproductive rights.

The far right has taken over one of the major political parties with a platform that dictates women will have no choice to terminate any pregnancy even if caused by rape or incest or threatens the life of the woman.

Aubrey Eggenberger


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