Traverse City Record-Eagle

September 30, 2012

Letters to the editor: 09/30/2012


---- — First do no harm

U.S. Rep. Dr. Dan Benishek, R-1st Distict, has voted for horrible anti-environment laws, failed to pass the Farm Bill and said the people of northern Michigan don't want to work.

The worst insult is a bill he co-sponsored, H.R.374. It is such a broad anti-abortion bill it calls for no intervention in the case of a tubal pregnancy. That is murder, as 99.99 percent of ectopic pregnancies rupture and the woman hemorrhages to death without immediate surgery.

No Congress in it's right mind would pass such a bill. Or is that an oxymoron?

A physician vows to "do no harm."

Jan Stowe

Traverse City

Worked long and hard

I feel badly insulted by Mitt Romney. As part of the 47 percent, he does not care about, I live in subsidized senior housing and receive food stamps. I do not feel "victimized" or "entitled." I have always taken personal responsibility, worked long and hard, often seven days a week, and paid Social Security taxes.

I do feel grateful for the previous generations of Americans who cared enough to establish Social Security retirement benefits and the food stamp program.

Romney was correct in only one statement on that video. I will never vote for him.

Diane Carlton

Traverse City

Is this the guy we want?

Due to redistricting, Northern Michigan faces the most extreme anti-environmental Congressional candidate we've seen in years. Despite overwhelming scientific evidence, Dan Benishek said climate change is "all baloney "¦ just some scheme." For a guy who calls himself a "scientist" with expertise in the field, it's odd he believes climate change is "unproven science stuff."

Is this the guy we want representing our Pure Michigan environment in Washington? Think long and hard when voting for someone who seems to care less about the pristine environment we call Northern Michigan. A vote for Dan Benishek is a vote against Pure Michigan.

Jim Carruthers

Traverse City

A consummate pro

We are writing to endorse Kirsten Keilitz for Probate Judge of Grand Traverse County.

Kirsten has proven herself as a consummate professional, not only in her ability to make solid legal decisions in her current capacity as Family Court Referee, but as shown by her continued commitment to our community.

Kirsten has served as president of the Traverse Bay Sunrise Rotary Club, volunteered at Third Level, the Women's Resource Center, Munson Healthcare, the Senior Center and United Way of Northwest Michigan.

Kirsten has shown that she truly cares for our community; please give her your vote.

Dan and Sandy Scott

Traverse City

Doesn't deserve votes

Debbie Stabenow has been a Senator for over 11 years, serving under both Bush and Obama. Over the past 11 years the U.S. debt has increased over $11 trillion. Debbie Stabenow has been on the U.S. Senate Budget Committee since 2009. Since 2009, the U.S. Senate has not passed a budget, which is a legal requirement. Because Debbie Stabenow has failed to do her job, our country is now $16 trillion in debt and every human in the country now owes over $50,000.She does not deserve to be re-elected.

John McCombs

Traverse City

Sensitivity and clarity

Probate Court is traditionally a court for families, handling adoptions, abused and neglected children, juveniles, guardianships, conservatorships and decedent's estates. Many people represent themselves and want their voices heard in how to care for the child, incapacitated family member or property of a deceased family member. The judgeship requires a person sensitive to these family issues and astute in the court's role in resolving the disputes.

I have worked with Melanie Stanton on several elder law cases. She handled the cases with a sensitivity and clarity worthy of the judgeship. Join me in voting for Melanie Stanton for Probate Judge.

Diane Kuhn Huff

Traverse City

Disgusting thing to say

Too many people watched Obama on national television and heard him say the American businessman was not responsible for his own success. I was shocked, and I must have had the same feeling as a businessman would have had, but was not surprised that it came out of Obama's mouth. Tell a student that someone else deserved credit for their As and Bs. Angry businessmen bought roadside billboard space deriding Obama's comment. It was a disgusting thing for our president to say. Interdependent or not, each person's success is of his own making.

George Lints

Traverse City

Protect air and water

With all the attention on the presidential race, Traverse City residents might not yet be aware that we are now in the 1st Congressional District. This year we have a choice between Dan Benishek, who has said climate change is "baloney" and "just a scheme," and Gary McDowell, who believes more can be done in Washington to protect our water and air.

A vote for McDowell is a vote for a cleaner and safer environment.

Patrick Ivory

Traverse City

George ashamed

Mitt Romney did missionary work and avoided the draft as a young man. Then he became a tax dodger. He advocated the bankruptcy of the American automotive industry, which would have plunged Michigan into a depression. The suffering would be unthinkable. But it would have created an opportunity for investment capitalists to purchase assets for a song and restart an auto company much smaller.

George Romney was a good governor, good for the auto industry and supported the U.S. He would be ashamed of his son. Are these American values? Is this the best the Grand Old Party can offer?

Harlow Nelson