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June 8, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 06/08/2014

We can’t go back

When my 19-year-old daughter was diagnosed with level 4 cancer she needed chemotherapy. Her treatment through my insurance required that she attend college full-time. Can you imagine giving yourself a chemo shot every night and then dragging yourself to school the next day? But that was her only choice. After years of treatment her pre-existing condition meant that she couldn’t get insurance and, because of her age, could no longer be on her parent’s insurance policy.

The Affordable Care Act is not perfect, not yet. However by working to make it better we are creating a medical safety net and now more than eight million individuals who never could have seen a doctor, let alone a cancer specialist, are receiving care.

To date, Republicans in Congress have voted more than 50 times to defund the Affordable Care Act.

Going back to the days when insurance companies could do whatever they wanted, like refusing to cover people with pre-existing conditions, dropping people when they get sick and charging women more for their coverage is not what most people want.

We need a better approach and better representation to address our health care needs in this country.

Margaret Monsour

Traverse City


Will have a choice

Northern Michigan’s unemployment is 11 percent and students face overwhelming debt finishing college and matching their skills with better jobs.

Voters will soon have a choice for Congress who can help with this struggle: Jerry Cannon.

We should no longer complain about the lack of high-tech job skills while our current Congress votes repeatedly to reduce Pell Grants, cut higher education funding and balance the budget on the backs of our youth.

Jerry Cannon is committed to finding ways to make college affordable and accessible while making education the cornerstone for a better economy. Find information at

John Goy

Traverse City

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