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June 5, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 06/05/2014

Writer ‘un trusted’

A recent (May 28) letter to the Record-Eagle submitted by a gentleman from Rapid City stridently called for the lifting of all restrictions on gun ownership but he offers no evidence that increasing the ease in procuring firearms will make anyone safer.

It would make it easier for folks like him to get in touch with their “inner Rambo,” I suppose, but since nearly 80 percent of murders in Michigan are done with firearms I’m not certain how more guns would make us safer.

The National Rifle Association is today driven by one agenda and that is simply to sell more guns and thus increase the profits of the firearms industry, which is largely supporting it. It has virtually nothing to do with the Second Amendment that it shamelessly uses as cover for corporate greed.

The gentleman from Rapid City stated, “Never trust anyone who wouldn’t trust you with a gun.”

Well pal, consider yourself “un trusted.”

Marlowe Bonner

Traverse City

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