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May 24, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 05/24/2014

What’s racist?

I know the “N” word is a racist term. What about “liar,” is that racist also?

Andrew Telek

Traverse City

Keep the jobs here

Back in February I was involved in an accident on U.S. 31 South. The police asked us if we were hurt and required to be looked at. My passenger and myself were fine, requiring no first aid. Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department arrived and did whatever they had to do. They did a good job as far as I can tell, because we were stuck in the snow and didn’t get out for 45 minutes.

Here are my problems; I received a bill from them because my insurance does not cover them. And we live in Grand Traverse County. What do I pay millage for? And then the one that really ticked me off more than the bill itself was it came from Fire Recovery USA out of Roseville, Calif. Really? With things so bad and unemployment so high in our area, why pay someone over 2,300 miles away to do your invoicing? How many other things are our county having done by people out of our area, even out of our state? I for one think it’s time to put people back to work in our beautiful area and keep those jobs here.

Andrew Harteker III

Traverse City

Must stand united

It astonishes me how women still refuse to band together on common interests like rape. Why columnist Mona Charen thinks that diminishing the validity of the CDC’s statistics by using a survey from Detroit (Mona, do you think most women report rape in a city where not even the police can be trusted?) will encourage me to read the rest of her article is beyond me.

She is a part of the problem. As women, we must stand united, not blaming one another.

No amount of feminism or flashing breasts forces a man onto an unwilling person.

That choice is all up to him, no one else.

Susan Taylor

Mt. Pleasant

The writer is a former resident of Traverse City.

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