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May 21, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 05/21/2014

Blowin’ in the wind

Many brave men and women have worn and do wear the military uniform of the United States of America. They put their lives at risk and have lost their lives to protect our freedom, our loved ones and our right to vote.

With a tear in my eye and a heavy heart, I read that there are politicians in this state that want to reassert the voting process to silence the votes of 450,000 citizens in federal elections.

I am a true believer that we are citizens of the United States of America first and citizens of the State of Michigan second. What they are trying to do is a despotic exercise of power.

The question is if any state governor, senator or representative, now or 100 years from now, would ever vote to enact such a bill. Would he or she be guilty of committing an act of tyranny against the citizens of this state and a breach of allegiance to the Constitution of the United Sates?

The answer is blowin’ in the wind.

Edward D. Fay


Pandering to paranoia?

Reading a recent Sunday paper I was struck by the absurdity inherent in the school authorities’ “duty” to allow armed men to carry firearms on school grounds.

What mature person would insist on this right? Is this something a healthy, thoughtful, reasonable person would advocate? What, exactly, are the odds of being confronted by (another?) armed malcontent in a visit to a school board meeting or your child’s school? Are those odds lower or higher with passage of this law?

Sadly, I fear this is just another example of legislators and would-be politicians pandering to special-interests and paranoia: in this case the gun manufacturers and their puppet front organization, the National Rifle Association?

George Thompson

Traverse City

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