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April 26, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 04/26/2014

Stop diverting funds


Gov. Snyder’s proposal to fix roads by converting sales tax on gas at the pumps to a tax on wholesale fuels is a camouflaged raid on the school aid fund. The Michigan constitution and Proposal A assured that the public school aid fund would receive 4 percent of each 6 percent of sales tax collected.

Our public schools cannot afford this assault. For every $500 million of sales tax that is removed at the pump, Michigan public schools will lose $333 million each year. We must tell Gov. Snyder immediately to stop.

The governor has proposed this sleight of hand to raid schools of their support in order to fix roads by shifting funds rather than by taking the responsibility to fund and repair roads with tax dollars collected for that purpose. This is a pattern. Previously Snyder took money earmarked for K-12 schools to fund higher education and used higher education funds for business tax relief.

It is time that we require our leadership to stand up and meet their public responsibilities. We cannot allow them to divert previously committed resources to education to fund politically popular current purposes.

James A. McKimmy

Rapid City


Base plans on reality


Recent events along the Boardman River have a surprising connection with the walking tour of Eighth Street city officials recently took with Robert Gibbs. He recommended closing two lanes of Eighth, one of only three east-west corridors across town.

What happens when you try to send an ever-increasing flow through a limited channel? People along the river will tell you it floods your property. Are you ready for the traffic, Webster Street? How about it, neighborhood homeowners?

No matter how walkable we make our city most people will walk it only about half the year. Meanwhile, more and more vehicles will inevitably use our streets.

Please, people in power, make plans based on realism, not coolness.

Mike Riggins

Traverse City



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