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April 1, 2013

Letters to the editor: 04/01/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

TRAVERSE CITY — ‘Liberal media’ bias

The Feb. 23 “Another View” is Pravda journalistic bias.

In 2011 Obama and Boehner made a debt agreement that fell apart when Obama demanded another $400 billion in new taxes. Republicans and Democrats then agreed to a bipartisan plan — The Budget Control Act. Obama rejected it and he, not Republicans, put the sequester in place. In November 2011, the White House reported Obama “will not accept any attempts to stop the sequester.” Today Obama describes his sequester as, “sudden, harsh and brutal.”

Obama threatens to inflict maximum pain on all Americans if he doesn’t get his way. Americans should ridicule Obama for thinking the government that spends $3.6 trillion can’t save $85 billion, 2.3 percent.

Obama promised $2.50 in reduced spending for every $1 of new taxes. In 2010 Obama got $700 billion in new taxes with Obamacare and in 2012 got $600 billion in new taxes. He’s reneging on promised spending reductions.

Obama has rejected his own Simpson-Bowles Commission’s recommendations and every Republican plan.

The editors, with their liberal media bias, blame Republicans, Congress, etc., while not once identifying Obama’s responsibility. (Sources: Wall Street Journal, 2/20-21/13)

Rich Isphording



Suttons Bay and busing

The Bay Area Transportation Authority has been told it is illegal to continue supporting Suttons Bay with busing for its students. This will bring a greater cost to the school system. The government supported BATA with $1 million and drivers lost their jobs. Suttons Bay now has to go back and consider paying drivers, buying buses and providing maintenance. 

Here is another way to look at it: let’s petition the government to release a few firefighters from the aircraft carriers to replace our firefighters. Let the current firefighters go, and Traverse City saves money. Let’s also ask for a few battalions of military police to replace our sheriff and city police. Traverse City saves money. The military has educated personnel that can teach, so let’s replace teachers with soldiers. The government pays their salaries, and we save money. 

If the federal government sent money to hire someone to do your job, and you were now unemployed, would you condemn the efforts of lobbyists or anyone else who was trying to get your job back? With the latest alleged molestation on a BATA bus, maybe the lowest bidder is not the best one to do the job.

Brian Sweeney

South Boardman