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July 26, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 07/26/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — New bill discoveries

I find, to my surprise, that some of the most pertinent words ever spoken by a Washington, D.C., politician were from Nancy Pelosi.

She said publicly about health care, “Let’s just pass the bill, and then we can see what’s in it.”

The bill was passed and now it seems as if new “what’s in its” — that no one knew about before — are found almost daily.

Albert Hammer

Traverse City


In favor of unions

For those who continue to oppose any labor group’s attempt to organize a union, let us look at the description of the word “union.” It can be a bloc, club, guild, alliance, marriage, fellowship and any collation of groups.

Now let us look at unions not objected to in a negative view: AMA, ABA, Chamber of Commerce, religious groups and of course, our own Congress.

Why is it that so much negative effort is continually being applied to dissuade any labor group trying to organize a union? Forming a union is a First Amendment right for workers.

Those individuals who exploit Third World countries with sweatshops use this leverage to bring down our middle class.

It’s time to change the direction our society is heading. We’ve got to pull together to save our earned pensions and stop the government from looting our Social Security. It’s our money. Let’s call ourselves real Americans and bring back true democracy and justice for all.

John Sanchez

Traverse City