Traverse City Record-Eagle

July 20, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 07/20/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Consider fest dates

Another successful Cherry Festival has come to an end. Trevor Tkach has done an outstanding job in his first year as the CEO.

However, I would like to suggest that the festival board reconsider the dates of the festival. In my opinion, along with many others with whom I have discussed this topic, all agree that the date should coincide with the harvest of our own cherries in northern Michigan, even if it means holding the Cherry Festival at the same time as the Elk Rapids Harbor Days festival. I think visitors to the area would be happy to be able to attend both festivals during their stay.

Furthermore, my survey also included the question of separating the Fourth of July from the Cherry Festival. Everyone I talk with agreed that the Fourth should stand alone and not be buried in the Cherry Festival activities. That day is too important to simply be another reason for festival fireworks. How about a nice parade to honor that special holiday along with the Boom-Boom Club’s outstanding fireworks?

Len Price

Traverse City


Enough with booms

We have had four days of firework explosions, the latest and loudest on July 6. The explosions were so loud I felt unsafe in my own home. Our dog was quivering in the closet we set up for him. The noise of the fan set on high could not drown out these blasts. The explosions reverberated off the nearby forest no doubt causing terror to wildlife and even death to owls, bats and birds.

The toxic, heavy metal infested smoke rained down on our property, including our organic garden. With the recent drought conditions and high fire danger, one would have to be unconscious to think that this is ok, even if it is “legal.”

I do not care what my neighbors do for “fun” in their own homes but I will not have this violence brought into my home. I do not want his actions telling me when I can go to sleep, if I feel safe in my own home, that I have to tranquilize my dog or cover my garden as soon as I hear his big booming surprise.

Private fireworks do violence to all life. It’s time they stop.

Julie Chai

Elmwood Township