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July 11, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 07/11/2014

This is not 1954

I think that places like Hobby Lobby shouldn’t put their religious beliefs on their employees. I think contraceptives should be covered under insurance no matter what.

It’s OK if the owners are Christians (I am), but you wouldn’t make your business Republican just because you are. If an atheist owned a business and made all their employees follow an atheist-run place where their Christian views weren’t allowed, Christians would freak.

This is 2014 not 1954, and women would love to get help being responsible and prevent hard situations.

I think it’s wrong to say that certain things shouldn’t be covered under the insurance just because of your strict beliefs. I hope one day everyone will be able to get everything covered under their insurance.

One last thing, if I am ever around a Hobby Lobby I’m not giving them business.

Annie Kosloskey


In spite of Congress

Seems this is Obama bashing season. He’s “arrogant,” “weak,” “dictator,” “socialist,” etc.

He has also:

1. Reduced the deficit for five straight years.

2. Had 52 months of private sector growth.

3. Reduced government (state, local, federal) employment.

4. Recovered from eight years of stock market disaster when the Dow Jones (business’ favorite gauge) average crashed from 12,500 to 7,500 and now in six years is above 17,000.

5. Refused to have us drawn into a religious war in Syria and Iraq (so far).

6. Worked with Russia to eliminate chemical weapons in Syria.

7. Begun efforts to reduce threat of atomic weapons in Iran.

8. Enabled millions to be covered by affordable health care with no pre-conditions, etc.

T’aint bad.

All this in spite of a Congress that could vote 50 times to repeal health care and ignore our failing infrastructure, minimum wage or much of anything of substance by saying “no” loudly and often.

And the Supreme Court thinks corporations are people.

I weep.

Richard E.Haan


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