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July 9, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 07/09/2014

No call on ‘do not call’

Our “Do not call list” is worthless. That law is wasting our tax dollars and the callers are, and have been, laughing at us and violating our laws.

Our current state representative has done nothing. Now this “do nothing” is running for Senate. Your tax dollars and mine.

I have telephoned his office about three times concerning “do not call.” I wrote him on two occasions, no response. I emailed him on 51 “do not call” violations. Again, nothing.

Now this Michigan representative (ours?) is running for Senate this fall.

Jim Pryor

Traverse City


Unfair double tax

Each year it becomes increasingly difficult to locate funding for local police, fire, ambulance, schools and jails. As a Northern Michigan resident it seems these local critical services are evaporating due to lack of subsidies.

Yet small Michigan business owners pay sales tax on equipment they’ve purchased for their companies and then recompense personal property taxes on that very same equipment every year.

This is an unfair double tax on our small-business owners.

Let’s help our local businesses and amend this tax into a much needed bridge to help our local emergency services.

Vote “yes” on Proposition 1.

Paul Postal



Noise and pollution

I agree with “Cherries take a back seat at their namesake festival.” The festival now produces noise, pollution and greed.

I’m 77 years old, and when I was growing up we would earn money picking cherries for the 10-cent carnival rides and food — even the hot dogs were made and tasted better. The Cherry Festival was four days long during the second week of July, starting on Wednesday and ending on Saturday with a parade, dancing in the streets and fireworks over the bay - U.S. 31 didn’t run through there in those days. The organizers would block off Front Street and the grandstand was at Front and Cass, where the new Cherry Queen was voted on and crowned.

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