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June 18, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 06/18/2014

Lanterns an issue

This may be an issue of little concern to most residents and summer visitors. For us on the farms it is.

I am referring to the use of “sky lanterns,” those multi-colored, floating, small hot air balloons, I saw advertised in a flyer this week.

The concern arises because in previous years we have found more than a few littering the orchard floor or hung up in trees. This may seem harmless enough, but it posed a hazard and a contaminant should it end up in a tank of cherries; although unlikely, equipment damage could also occur, i.e. flat tires, etc., not to mention a possible fire hazard.

They are very pretty to watch and seem harmless enough, but if you or friends insist on using these devices, then I would hope you would consider tying a tether to them, kite string or a fishing line should suffice. Enjoy them a bit closer to home.

Ron Boals


Always did his job

To the genius or geniuses who decided that our fire chief had to be fired or to take a forced retirement (the rather new fire board), I give a thumbs down.

Rich Vandermay has always been loyal to the people of Old Mission Peninsula for a long time and has always done his job for the people.

Of course, publicly they have given no reason for this. I guess someone else wants his job but they will not be the fire chief that Rich was.

Carol Holmes

Traverse City

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