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June 15, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 06/15/2014

Let her go

Per early Record-Eagle articles on the tragedy of Kelli Stapleton, the government failed her, the health insurance system failed her and she feared great bodily harm from her own daughter.

Would all this cause you to go berserk? Maybe so.

I certainly hope her attorney can plead temporary insanity. I realize I don’t know details, but I hope any jury or prosecutor will allow for Kelli coming to the end of her rope and thinking there was no other way out.

The whole family has my deepest sympathy. I agree with Mr. Alstrom (May 26 letter); let her go. She’s already gone through hell.

Jane Karel

Maple City

What’s wrong?

On Friday, May 30, we drove into Leelanau County. In two villages the gas prices posted were six cents below the pump prices in Traverse City.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Gene Wilson

Traverse City

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