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April 7, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 04/07/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

— Avoiding the real issue

I feel compelled to respond to the articles concerning Mr. Bennett’s allegations that he was fired from Northern Lakes Community Mental Health because of his position regarding client security on BATA buses

I worked at CMH for almost 25 years before retiring in 2010, years as Operations Manager, supervising several departments. I had many interactions with Mr. Bennett over the years. As a result, I can say from personal experience that, in my opinion, his termination had nothing to do with the situation with BATA. For years, I as well as many other staff, continually attempted to address the many problematic and troublesome issues concerning Mr. Bennett, both in his so-called interviews with staff as well as his inadvertent meetings forced upon us by him.

These issues were brought to the attention of Mr. Paffhouse, CEO, many times over the years, all to no avail, which resulted only in Mr. Bennett’s ability to continue fostering an extremely negative, hostile and alienating environment.

For Mr. Bennett to imply his termination was due to circumstances other than those of his own making is pure fantasy on his part and an attempt to divert attention away from the real issue.

Arthur Newhouse

Traverse City


Decide for yourself

The recent letter giving us a simple statistic about the fact that “more people die in car accidents, then from gun violence” is really only going to mislead the simple. People know that the function of a car is different from the function of a gun. But if it will help clarify our national ability to address some social problems we can continue with this car analogy. In the 1970s we had too many people dying due to drunk drivers.

We chose to moderate this unacceptable behavior by lowering the acceptable level of alcohol for a driver, by de-glamorizing alcohol, and by increasing the enforcement of laws and penalties for offenders. It took a while but we significantly lowered the incidents of drunk driving and traffic fatalities.

Reasonable laws that do not infringe on our constitutional rights and will lower gun violence should be acceptable. Look hard at what the government is proposing and decide for yourself if it is reasonable. As a gun owner I don’t need armor piercing bullets and I think it is reasonable to not sell guns to criminals or the insane.

Hal LaLonde

Traverse City


Government at work

Hey, I noticed that the city limits sign was broken on the south end of Garfield. Seems to me that the city commission should form an ad-hoc group so that a meeting can be held to vote to see who will be in charge of finding a contractor to do an overpriced study, so that a recommendation can be made, that will be ignored, and a new sign can be put up. I’ll bet it won’t cost the taxpayers much more than say a couple hundred grand!

Or … or … they could just call down to the city garage and get a 10-man crew out there to observe the situation, take some pictures, get back in the trucks, take a break, and then call a whole different crew to put up a new sign. Government at work, gotta love it.

Jon F. Bush

Traverse City