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March 5, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 03/05/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Lost an opportunity

I’m often amazed when some readers claim that the Record-Eagle leans to the political left. Case in point: the Feb. 23 accommodating interview with Representative Benishek, a Tea-Party member. Benishek blamed the Senate for not creating a budget for the last four years “the interviewers failed to ask why.” Could it be the intransigence of the Senate Republicans, who filibuster everything? Rather than let Benishek point the finger at the Senate, why not ask what his position is on the budget?

With regard to gun control, he refused to answer by claiming he “wants to have a real discussion on the matter” Why did the Record-Eagle let him off the hook? Mr. Benishek is a leader, why doesn’t he start that discussion? He also stated that the word assault rifle “sounds scary.” What would he prefer to call them instead?

I’m disappointed that the interviewers let him get away with meaningless answers. The Record-Eagle clearly lost an opportunity to get answers to questions his constituents deserve to know, and instead gave a far-right extremist a free pass. So much for the left-leaning press.

Camille Weatherholt

Traverse City

Chicago the big drain

I know the Record-Eagle detests hydraulic fracturing and would probably prefer we all commute by bicycle and Prius, but it’s a stretch for even the most arithmetically-challenged journalist to make a humongous catastrophe out of two wells that used 42 million gallons of water in two years.

Yeah, 42 million sounds like a big number. But 42 million gallons in two years is about one-fiftieth the water that a good five-inch fire hose puts out. Even if those evil Encana folks frack a thousand more wells, they won’t make a visible dent in the Great Lakes watershed, no matter what the baykeeper says. That much water flows over Niagara every 40 seconds or so.

If you want to do some real investigative journalism, look into how much of our precious Lake Michigan water drains away every day through Chicago and down the Mississippi River. The answer, if you’re at all curious, is two billion gallons. That’s every day. Every two years, President Obama’s home town drains 1,460,000,000,000 gallons out of the lake – half of it just to keep the Chicago River clean. Now there’s something that sucks.

Graydon DeCamp

Elk Rapids

More than enough

I am outraged at Congressman Dave Camp. On the morning of Feb. 23 I called all three of his offices (Midland, Cadillac and D.C.); the first two didn’t go through, and the D.C. office would not accept messages.

So I couldn’t leave a message that (as Chair of a key House committee) he has responsibility to us citizens to work with the president to avoid “sequestration.” This insanity must stop. Regardless of our political leanings, we citizens/voters should pledge to work against the re-election of any member of Congress who lets party politics override the good of our country. Enough is (more than) enough.

Bill Rastetter