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March 2, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 03/02/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Majority right-leaning

If you read the Feb. 20 editorial entitled “Taxpayers feel the pain from $1.6B tax cut,” there should be no doubt in your mind as to which “side of the aisle” our local newspaper leans. The pithy notations are evidence in themselves - wording such as, “rammed through” or “limped out of” or the best one, “collapsed at your kitchen table.” I’m not sure my analysis is breaking news to those who read the R-E daily, but I guess I’m just a little fed up with their boldness of it all. After all, I do believe the majority of northern Lower Michiganders are right-leaning citizens.

I understand that editorials are the views of the editors, but one would think even editors would want to pander a little bit to their audience. God knows there’s enough going on in Washington today that gives them a plethora of issues to draw from. Oh, like maybe these words from our president, spoken over and over again, “there will be no increase in taxes for the middle class as long as I’m president!” But yet, did every single working American see their Social Security tax increase on Jan. 1, 2013? They sure did.

Media fairness, that’s all we ask.

Sharon L. Neumann

Traverse City

Matter of understanding

The Feb. 22 opinion page featured forum was headlined, “Preventive Health Care: It pays to be informed” and was written by Bob Van Eck. I may be the only person to notice what Mr. Van Eck’s letter did not say. The article made no mention of the need for each of us to accept primary responsibility for our own health.

Preventive care should first be about staying fit and eating intelligently, than about expecting a doctor to give us a magic pill that will fix everything. We live in a fantasy world that encourages us to abuse our bodies with rich foods and a sedentary lifestyle. Doctors and health care professionals are then left to clean up the mess from things that we have done to ourselves.

We are all going to die, but what is the benefit of extending our lives if we spend our last 30 years in unremitting pain and depression?

Good health is not a political issue to be fixed by Congress. Health is a matter of understanding life and setting our priorities appropriately. If you want to save Medicare, find a way to convince the American people to get healthy.

William E. Scott

Traverse City


A mind-boggling 21 million gallons of groundwater mixed with toxic chemicals was used to frack State Excelsior well 3-25 HD1 in Kalkaska County. Two other wells on the same pad owned by Encana Corp. brought the total contamination to over 42 million gallons. This water can never be returned to the hydrologic cycle.

How much is 21 million gallons? Tahquamenon Falls is the largest waterfall in our state. Roughly 5,000 gallons flow over it every second (U.S. Forest Service estimates). Watch the water cascading over the falls for one hour and 10 minutes. That represents the 21 million gallons used to frack just one well. Now picture Michigan with thousands of wells, each sucking up and contaminating millions of gallons of water that should be replenishing rivers, streams and Great Lakes, water that could be used for growing crops, that defines our state and supports our economy.

Fracking is profitable because drillers get the water for free and lease state land at rock-bottom prices ($10 minimum bid per acre at upcoming May auction of state land). End exemptions, end subsidies, save our forests and water which should belong to all the people of Michigan.

Anne Zukowski