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March 1, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 03/01/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Why no meters?

Now that the courts have ruled we are required to use the county septage treatment plant, one question remains — why has no one at the township and/or county level required septic haulers to install meters on their trucks?

Beth Snyder

Traverse City

What’s on your mind?

I would like to address two letters that have appeared in recent weeks. The first was from Jerome E. Bufka, of Maple City, on Feb, 17, headlined “Where’s the outrage,” who blamed everyone for the shootings in Newtown, Conn. In his six-paragraph rant, and then in his summary he talks about abortion? What were you really trying to say Mr. Bufka? Why not simply address what is really on your mind?

My second response is to Richard Gibbard of Rapid City, Feb. 6, — “Arm Everybody” — where he talks about how everyone failed in the Newtown shootings, including the school board, the police and psychiatrists. He also mentions that the only successful way to stop these shootings is to have “armed teachers, clerical staff and custodians.

Here’s the part of his letter that got me. He managed to slip in a comment about the “shrinks” forfeiting their credibility “when they quit recognizing homosexuality as a mental disorder”.

Like Mr. Bufka, what is it that is really on your mind, Mr. Gibbard?

Tom Emmott

Traverse City

Should go to the states

In response to Ned Edwards’ Feb. 16 letter to the editor, a Presbyterian minister? The abortion ruling had nothing to do with women’s rights; it has more to do with liberalism. If, as the reverend claims, a fetus isn’t human until birth, then what are they, fish, goats or maybe insects?

Women who abort for rape, incest and medical reasons amount to less than 3 percent of all abortions. The rest are for convenience. Nowhere in the Bill of Rights did it say the state shall make no law prohibiting abortion. If it were about women’s rights and right to privacy, or controlling decisions about their own bodies, then why is prostitution illegal?

Whether you do or do not believe in abortion is not the real issue. In the Constitution it gave the then-sovereign states the authority to pass laws not covered by the founders. It should have been sent back to the state, whose ruling should have stood.

George Bonnell