Traverse City Record-Eagle

November 27, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 11/27/2012


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An insult to veterans

The Traverse City First Congregational Church's refusal to allow a Muslim call to prayer on its premises is not only an outrage to common human decency, it also makes Americans seem a small and fearful people.

To excuse this refusal as an act of deference to the audience on Veterans Day is to insult that audience, veterans and non-veterans alike.

For it assumes that they, too, are fearful people and wanting in generosity of spirit.

Indeed, some of those in the audience may well have fought beside Muslims and in defense of Muslims. And 20,000 American Muslims serve in our armed forces.

Muslims may not share your faith, but they are no less human for that.

And most of them, like most Christians and Jews, simply wish to live in peace. And that, after all, was what this event was about.

Porter Abbott


Military protects Muslims

The only thing more pathetic than the hypocrisy of the right is their blindness to the fact that it exists.

The same people who decry political correctness when it protects the sensibilities of those with whom they disagree demand that others be sensitive to their bigotry.

It makes no sense to censor the Muslim call to prayer from a concert honoring American veterans when our military is overseas protecting and fighting alongside Muslims.

I can't help but see a connection between this debacle and the Republican losses on Election Day after which Bill O'Reilly lamented the loss of "Leave It To Beaver" America.

Their blindness to their cluelessness would be humorous if it weren't so hurtful to others.

Sean M. Palmer

Traverse City