Traverse City Record-Eagle

November 23, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 11/23


---- — Not a thoroughfare

Kudos to Grant Parsons, it's nice to see that someone with his legal knowledge is willing to question the legality of the recent vote on the parkland. Living on 11th Street, I'm very worried about the change in our family neighborhood with the amount of traffic we could possibly face. The traffic on Division Street must be addressed, but not with an open-ended land grab. If the Michigan Department of Transportation cannot give us some idea of their plan, why should we as citizens of Traverse City give them any of our designated parkland?

The mayor of Traverse City is not a traffic expert, yet he pushes for a roundabout at 11th Street. That will do nothing for pedestrian traffic. Crossing Division, funneling more traffic eastbound on 11th Street with the help of a traffic light will only ruin the neighborhood peace and tranquility. This is like writing a blank check to the state with no real recourse. Everyone wants to give away this property but they are not thinking about the traffic increase in all our neighborhoods should 11th Street be made a thoroughfare like Eighth Street into the Commons and Munson.

Thomas Evon

Traverse City

Endorsement 'ridiculous'

The Record-Eagle's endorsement of President Obama and saying we are better off than four years ago is ridiculous. The national debt is $16 trillion. That's over $51,000 per U.S. citizen. No, Obama didn't create it all by himself, but he, holding the most powerful office in the world, hasn't done anything to show Congress and the entire country how to curb spending so social, defense and other programs can continue to exist for our children.

It upsets me greatly to know that my 16-month-old daughter is already on the hook for $51K. What is wrong with you Record-Eagle?

Jonathan Pack

Traverse City

Would be ashamed

Not to be judgmental, but I am glad I am not a member of the rich and powerful Congregational Church. I would be so ashamed of its leaders' decision.

Linda Swanson Wagner

Traverse City

Symbolize freedom

Having lived for a time in Turkey and in Tunisia, I am well familiar with the Adhan, the Moslem call to prayer. It is disappointing that it was excluded from a recent service that honors our soldiers who have struggled and are struggling to support openness and freedom in lands far away.

I believe that to honor them, whether they be Christian, Jewish, Moslem or of another faith, we should include the Adhan to symbolize the freedom that they are fighting for in a service meant to honor them.

Whitney Roberts

Traverse City