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March 4, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 03/04/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

— Can’t win

On Feb. 21 a Forum column by Diane Ketola appeared on the editorial pages of the Traverse City Record-Eagle. Ms. Ketola is the chairperson of the Grand Traverse County Democratic Party, and as such is responsible for identifying and recruiting local Democrats to run for public office.

In her column, Ms. Ketola asserted that the “problem with state politics is not a lack of viable candidates or money; the problem is “gerrymandering” district lines ...”

I simply cannot let this statement go unchallenged. Last November, of the 69 local partisan races in Grand Traverse County, 53 contained no Democratic candidate. That’s 77 percent. While gerrymandering is certainly a problem, you can’t win a race unless you field a candidate.

Either Ms. Ketola is very mistaken about the alleged surfeit of viable Democratic candidates, or she has simply failed to find and recruit them. Until this changes, there is little chance for Grand Traverse County governments to achieve a more balanced, two-party rule, which would benefit us all.

Robert Atallo

Traverse City


Where were the jobs?

In regards to tax credits for businesses, why didn’t the Record-Eagle ask Michael Moore how many jobs he created under Granholm when he received $841,145. in corporate welfare to film in Michigan? Answer 2, not 3,600.

Why not ask Obama where were the jobs he created in Michigan when Granhom was Governor? The answer, few and far between trips to China.

Why the outcry over increase in Michigan taxes and none over federal increases in taxes? How about a poll question of: Are you willing to pay higher federal taxes so that Levin and Stabenow can have lifetime pay and benefits?

Tom Denton

Traverse City