Traverse City Record-Eagle

February 26, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 02/26/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Good job, students

The Record-Eagle's Feb. 13 headline says: MEAP scores higher in 2012. Yeah. But the opening line reads, “Traverse City public school students continue to trail their peers state-wide in standardized math test scores”

What? MEAP scores are higher in four out of five content areas, but R-E leads with one deficit of one school district? It’s not until the sixth paragraph where the main idea is written, "Students throughout Traverse Bay Area (TBA) region exceeded state averages for proficient scores in reading, science, social studies and writing at all grade levels.”

Amazing work, kids. The story continues, “All students throughout our five-county area also scored lower in math.” She sets the tone of her piece with the math deficiency of one school when all five counties are math-deficit. Parallelism. Keep the subject consistent.Please celebrate the awesome accomplishment before stating the one and only deficit of the entire five-county area. Congratulations to all five-county area schools that exceeded state averages in all areas and all grades, except for math. Good job students and teachers.

Judy ChildsTraverse City

Give trucks a try

City officials would be wise to look at what other communities are doing about food truck regulation. Durham, N.C., for example has developed a fine set of rules. Surprisingly, city officials got input from everyone involved before they made any decisions. Food trucks are welcomed in Durham. In many cases, they bring fresh, local produce to the city. They are regularly invited to provide food for individual neighborhood events, offering a variety of choices and prices.

Local restaurants welcome the trucks near their locations; seems they bring in people who’re looking for food who often then decide to dine in nearby restaurants. Sounds like a win-win arrangement. Let’s give it a try.

Gail TrillWilliamsburg

Won't control CEOs

Isn't it interesting Obama wants to control as much of our lives as he can, but he won't control the oil company CEOs on how much they can charge us at the gas pump?

Thomas BairdTraverse City