Traverse City Record-Eagle

February 1, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 02/01/2013


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Time to prioritize

Time to assess where we are as a nation, prioritize our needs and move forward.

First jobs: Immediately plan, fund and implement massive improvements in roads, national electric grids, rail transportation, public schools and more.

Second, war: Get our military out of all countries, starting with Afghanistan.

Third, Social Security: No more congressional "borrowing" from the trust. Pay back all monies "borrowed."

Fourth, Universal health care: Let the program get fully implemented and then fine tune.

Lastly, we need to develop a positive attitude. Any person not a positive contributor to a bipartisan team should be voted out.

Ken Hurlin

Glen Arbor

Putting us at risk

I believe that something needs to be done about private plow trucks. I am happy they are out there and risking their lives to clear driveways and so on, but they are also risking ours. Today on my way from Interlochen to Munson, I had five of them pull out of the driveway right in front of me, making it to where I had to swerve to get out of the way; they do not look first. I saw four of them without a yellow flashing light. I saw two dozers going down the road with the back work lights on, shining in my eyes, and both of the dozers did not move over to the side of the plowed road for traffic to go around.

Most of the items listed above are against the law, and I think it is time something is done about it. Let's work for everyone's safety; they are helping clear things but also putting us at risk.

James Dittmar


'Dependence Day'

Once again the anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision known as Citizens United has passed with little notice. But this year on Jan. 21 we celebrated a presidential inauguration and the life and accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr., so perhaps this wasn't the year to give Citizens United much attention.

But every year — until it's overruled either by a better Supreme Court or by a constitutional amendment — Jan. 21 should be appropriately observed. Jan. 21, often a cold and dark day, is a fitting opposite to the usually warm, bright July Fourth, Independence Day. Jan. 21 is now our "Dependence Day," the day the Supreme Court in 2010 decided that elections, the public cornerstone of our democracy, shall be privatized, handed over to corporations and the wealthy. The rest of us now depend on corporations and the wealthy to pick and promote candidates. Then we choose from among their candidates.

Overstating the case?

Fewer than 200 wealthy individuals contributed 90 percent of the money Romney used to finally eliminate Santorum and Gingrich in the Florida Primary, fewer people than are named on one page of the Traverse City phone book.

Jan. 21, "Dependence Day," a day of mourning.

Ron Tschudy

Central Lake