Traverse City Record-Eagle

January 3, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 01/03/2013


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Ignores the facts

Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools Superintendent Buell's reason for denying the singing of the Jewish song "Festival of Lights" because the Christmas Festival is "Christ-focused" ignores the fact that Christ was born a Jew and not a Catholic.

Jim Watson


Brings a tear

I am a hunter and own both rifles and shotguns. At one time I was a member if the National Rifle Association.

No longer. I've never heard a duck hunter complain about a three-shell restriction, yet now the NRA is in favor of no limits on 100-round clips for rifles and armor piercing shells. What kind of deer are they after?

And what are the distinguished members from Northern Michigan doing in Lansing? Passing legislation to allow guns in churches and schools and also ensuring that we can compete with Louisiana and Mississippi for low-wage honors through "Right To Work" law.

And our U.S. Congress members? Their concern with our spending problems had them approve a few billion dollars for oil subsidies while voicing outrage over "gifts" to PBS and food stamps.

Representation like this brings a tear to the eye. I weep.

Richard Haan


Sad day for labor

Is Sunday columnist George Weeks blaming the victims? Weeks writes that Gov. Snyder warned the unions not to put an initiative on the ballot that would ensure union shops and collective bargaining in Michigan.

Weeks implies that it is really the unions' fault that we now have "right to work" laws in Michigan since they did not take the governor's advice.

In talking with the unions I doubt that Snyder promised that he would veto any "right to work" bill that came to his desk, though he could have offered that if he was against the idea and really wanted them to follow his advice.

Testifying before Congress he said "right to work" laws were controversial and that he did not think Michigan needed that now.

So, although Weeks said in his column that signing the bills was not a smart move by the governor, he later appears to be blaming the victims, the workers and their unions. Nor does fairness to workers seem to be part of the governor's DNA. A sad day for Michigan's proud labor traditions.

Marcia Curran


Disappointed for kids

My fiancée and I went to the tree lighting ceremony and to see Santa's arrival on Front Street. Adults and children were milling around waiting for the festivities to begin.

We walked up to where the chorus was singing Christmas songs and you could barely hear them. Santa's arrival time had come and gone. The emcee would make announcements, but he wasn't very enthusiastic. He also kept asking about what could be keeping Santa.

He (Santa) was very late and his arrival was dismal at best. He just showed up on stage. Santa was asked to speak and he really didn't have much to say. Adults, let alone the children, couldn't see what was going on because the stage needs to be higher.

My fiancée and I were very disappointed for the kids. There needs to be a lot more thought put into this event. This is a great opportunity for the community to come together with children and have fun. Let's make it this way. Next year, get public input and ask for ideas about how to get this event more upbeat and exciting.

Marc Thompson


We were just lucky

I admit to being quite ignorant of the requirements for obtaining citizenship in our great country. However, I think it is wrong to deny citizenship to people who were brought into the U.S. illegally as children, who have spent all of their formative years here, who have learned our language and culture and have been educated in our schools.

To me, these people, unless they have committed serious crimes, should be given a way to earn legal citizenship if they are willing to do so.

Any restrictions that are placed on them in this process should be at least less than against those who come into this country legally asking for citizenship and who are then accepted.

This is a great country with freedoms not available to people in much of the world. Those of us who were born here had nothing to do about it; we were just lucky.

Foster McCool


Time-honored tradition

The crybabies protesting the decision of our venture capitalist governor to make Michigan a right-to-work state apparently don't appreciate the fact that cheap labor is what made this country great.

In the beginning, of course, we had slavery, an admittedly harsh, wageless institution but one that nevertheless bolstered the economy. Later, there were waves of immigrants who, for a pittance, would man sweatshops and wield shovels, but then labor unions came along and spoiled things.

Our governor and Republican legislators now assure us they have fixed the problem. The right-to-work movement was spawned in the proud states of the old Confederacy, where hiring people on the cheap is a time-honored tradition. And now, at long last, Michigan has adopted that tradition.

Thomas BeVier

Traverse City

Children won't be safe

The National Rifle Association announced that to ensure that nothing like Sandy Hook ever happens again they would support having an armed guard at every school.

This might work until child killers figure out that there are also groups of kids to be massacred at playgrounds, Sunday school, Little League baseball games, soccer games, swimming pools, Girl Scout and Boy Scout events, etc.

Our children won't be safe until we decide they are more important than assault weapons and large capacity magazines.

Terry Frysinger