Traverse City Record-Eagle

January 21, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 01/21/2013


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Seek creative solutions

Does northern Michigan really need more research to determine whether or not fracking is safe?

Forty years ago, boiling craters of gas and water erupted in the Williamsburg area as a result of drilling. More than 70 families were evacuated from their homes. M-72 was heavily damaged. Artesian wells filled up with sand and gas. Prime trout streams were spoiled by mud.

Potentially flammable gas seeped into Williamsburg tap water. Air and water were polluted for miles around. The cost of the damage was enormous. Then-Gov. William Milliken banned state oil and gas leasing.

If regular drilling can cause this much damage, consider the cause-and-effect of fracking — injecting toxic chemicals and huge amounts of water into the earth at high pressure to fracture rock and get at oil and gas.

Area history and common sense reveal that fracking is not a good idea, especially in Pure Michigan amid 25 percent of the earth's fresh water supply — the 21st century's "blue gold."

Fracking is unhealthy, "unwealthy" and unwise. Better to appeal to youth for safer and more creative solutions to energy needs. It's their future, their air and their water that is being destroyed by fracking.

Celia Hastings


Question inaction

I find it interesting how quickly President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are able to come up with a plan after 20 children are murdered in Newtown, Conn., yet have done nothing after four years about the 300,000-plus children aborted annually by Planned Parenthood (which receives our tax money).

I also question their lack of action on the problem of federal spending/debt, which dooms millions of American children to a lifetime of debt payments.

John McCombs

Traverse City